DFP x Surface Iron x Model II


The new DFP Surface Iron Model II is our second CNC machined jig designed by Duran’s Fishing Products. It is made out of aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum and precision CNC machined in Santa Ana, California. A machined jig offers many advantages over a cast or molded jig due to the fact that a CNC machine can match each jig made within five thousandths of an inch variance just about the thickness of a human hair! This is very important because when you deal with the flow dynamics of the jig any imperfections or changes can lead to a bad jig which is common with cast or molded jigs.The Model II Surface Iron is 6.5″ long, 3.8 oz, rigged with stainless steel rings, and a Mustad 5X Strong 3/0 treble hook it is ready for those big bass, barracuda, bonita, tuna, and yellowtail. The Model II compared to the Model I is a little wider and heavy and has a different swim compared to the Model I. The Model I is a faster retrieve and the Model II works best with a slower retrieve. If you’re not satisfied how your jig swims you can send it back for your money back! We stand by our product and offer lifetime replacement on all hook and rings should they get bent, warped or rusted over time. Just send in your jig and we will replace both rings and provide you with a new hook free of charge. All DFP Surface Irons are laser etched with the model, serial number, and the DFP logo. Custom etching is also available upon request. You may choose a stock decal or a custom one, this makes a great option for gifts or personalizing your jig. Please e-mail us if you want your jig custom engraved with texts or decals.

All Model II Jigs are now powder coated or anodized for the more durable painted jig. All two tone painted jigs (mint white, blue white, etc.) are powder coated with a base white and airbrushed then clear coated for the most durable paint job compared to other airbrushed jigs. While this process is more expensive it will provide you with the most durable painted iron.

Painted jigs are very limited quantities are available on first come first serve basis


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 in
Jig Color

Blue Pink Anodize, Chrome, Dorado, Dorado Anodize, Green Yellow Anodize, Mint Anodize, Mint Black Anodize, Purple Black Anodize, Rasta Anodize, Sardine Anodize, Textured Blue Anodize, Textured Mint Anodize, Textured Purple Anodize, Two Tone Blue Anodize, Two Tone Gold Anodize, Two Tone Mint anodize, Two Tone Purple Anodize, Two Tone Red Anodize, Wounded Warrior, Yellow Anodize, Yellow Black Anodize, Bare Aluminum, Blue and White, Mint, Mint and White, Scrambled Egg, Wicked Mac


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