DFP Micro Surface Irons


Our new DFP Micro Surface Iron is the smallest CNC Machined Surface Iron on the market. Each one is hand polished to give it a nice shine. They are rigged with a #10 treble hook with split rings on either end. Please read options carefully when choosing.

If you choose “Variety Pack” Please follow the steps below

Step 1: Choose Variety Pack

Step 2:  Proceed to Checkout

Step 3: In “Order Notes” Please comment any three Micro irons you would like or email us at info@duransfishingproducts.com.

Available Micro Irons

3/8oz. Brass- 2″ Long

1/4oz. Brass- 1.75″ long

1/4oz. Copper- 1.75″ Long

1/8oz. Aluminum- 2″ long  (See Available Colors)

1/8oz. Brass- 1.5″ long

1/8oz. Copper- 1.5″ Long


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 in
Micro Surface Iron

Aluminum (1/8oz), Blue (1/8 oz), Brass (1/4 oz), Brass (1/8oz), Brass (3/8 oz), Copper (1/4 oz), Copper (1/8 oz), Dorado (1/8 oz), Green/ Pink (1/8 oz), Pink (1/8 oz), Purple/Black (1/8 oz), Rasta (1/8 oz), Red (1/8 oz), Variety 3 Pack, Wounded Warrior (1/8 oz), Yellow/Clear (1/8 oz)


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