DFP Micro Surface Irons


Our new DFP Micro Surface Iron is the smallest CNC Machined Surface Iron on the market. Each one is hand polished to give it a nice shine. TheyThey are rigged with a #10 treble hook with split rings on either end.  We have 4 different Models available at the moment. Please read options carefully when choosing.

3/8oz. Brass- 2″ Long

3/8oz. Copper- 2″ Long

1/8oz. Aluminum- 2″ long

1/8oz. Brass- 1.5″ long


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 in
Mirco Surface Iron

2 Aluminum (1/8oz) 1 Brass (3/8oz), 2 Brass (3/8oz) 1 Aluminum (1/8oz), Aluminum (1/8oz) – 3 Pack, Aluminum (1/8oz) – Single, Brass (1/8oz) – 3 Pack, Brass (1/8oz)- Single, Brass (3/8 oz) – Single, Brass (3/8oz) – 3 Pack, Copper (3/8oz) – Single


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