DFP Slow Pitch Jig


Our New CNC Machined Brass Hybrid jig here!! Designed to get bit on the drop and on the retrieve. It is a hybrid slow pitch jig and vertical speed jig. This jig can be fished like a yoyo with a burn pause retrieve and is effective when fishing for yellowtail. Another effective way to fish this jig is the traditional slow pitch jigging way. You ran slowly raise your rod tip up and let it back down to get a nice flutter on the drop to get bit.  Rigging options include unrigged, medium duty and heavy duty.

Unrigged – Top and Bottom soldered stainless steel rings. No Hooks.

Medium Duty Rigging – Top and Bottom soldered stainless steel rings, Appropriate size assist hooks. Good for bottom fishing, yellowtail, barracuda, bonito, and schoolie grade tuna (100lb and under). Best option for all around fishing.

Heavy Duty Rigging – Top and Bottom soldered stainless steel rings. 300lb Mono, Triple crimped, Chafe tube, Barrel swivel, 2X Heavy Duty assist hooks on top, and a 8/0 Owner Jobu j-hook on bottom. Best for night fishing big bluefin tuna 100lb and up.

Choose whether or not to have your jig rigged with assist hooks or unrigged so you can add your own

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.200 × .5 in
Jig Color

Blue/ Pink Full Glow, Blue/Pink, Blue/Pink Diamondback, Blue/Pink Striped Glow, Green Sardine Glow, Red Crab, Red Crab Striped Glow, Red Glow Dots, Silver Glow Dots, Squid Glow, Zebra Glow

Jig Weight

130 Gram, 170 Gram, 250 Gram, 320 Gram


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