The Patent Pending DFP Clamp

The DFP Clamp is fully precision machined out of billet aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum, and 100% made in the USA. Using state of the art CNC milling machines we take the block of aluminum and using various carbide cutters we bring the clamp to life . The DFP Clamp is newest and most versatile clamp in today’s market with confirmed fitment on 40+ reels it is a true universal clamp all in one.  The clamp is designed to be mounted on your rod and to be able to interchange reels without removing any screws or taking off the clamp. Slots along the uni-body frame allow the small post to slide up and down to be able to adapt to the wide variety of fishing reel foots on today’s market. This allows the user to be able to try out multiple reels to find what is most comfortable without having to buy multiple clamps, and being able to have one clamp to fit all the users needs. The frame, small post, and clamp all contain 3D machined features to allow for more surface contact providing more gripping force  than traditional clamps. The clamp on the bottom has a rough 3D machined texture to be able to grip to your rods surface to prevent twisting during long days battling and fishing.  The slots on the frame also serve as a hook holder to prevent damage to your rod guides or reel frames protecting your investment. Provided with full stainless steel hardware and anodized aluminum parts it is ready for the use and abuse of the oceans saltwater. The finishing touch is a laser etched logo on the face of the clamp. We provide full support with videos and instructions on how to use the clamping system to give everyone a full and complete understanding on how to use the clamps properly.

The patent pending DFP Clamp is the most versatile clamping system technology in the market today. Confirmed fitment of over 40+ reels. All components of the DFP Clamp are precision CNC machined out of aircraft grade billet 6061 aluminum making the single frame design strong and sturdy. The slots allow the post to slide allowing the clamp to fit on a variety of reel and rod combos. All components contain 3D machined surfaces that allow for more contact with the reel foots and rods providing stronger clamping force. The anodized finished provides resistance to wear and give it an amazing look. Laser etched logo on the clamp to add the final touch to the DFP Clamp.

The Super Clamp is designed to fit the bigger style rods and also downsizing to the smaller rods. Designed specifically for the Ulua style rods it solves all the problems that were associated with the big butt Ulua’s. This clamping system now allows you to mount reels onto your Ulua that weren’t possible before without modifying the clamping. No more grinding screws buying new screws or using hose clamps! The single frame is thicker and has more clearance to be able to adapt to just as many reels as the other sizes. The clamp on the bottom also has deeper serrations and is wider to  provide more surface contact on the rod. The Super Clamp allows to fit bait casting rods in almost every deckhand rod in the industry!

How to Use